What is the Takefile link :

This is a service for storing and sharing files. We give you the place to upload, store, and download your files.

Using the TakeFile. link you can share photos, videos and music with others.

How can I download the file or files :

There are 2 version download-free and PREMIUM free mode download speed is limited to PREMIUM there are no limitations.

To download for free you need to select a link, press download, wait for the timer, enter the CAPTCHA and get the download link. To download the

fast must purchase PREMIUM (for more information see premium) click on the link and download.

There is a separate category of files, download which is paid in one sum file installed. PREMIUM does not give privileges to download such files.

Conditions and payment options are presented on the page download such files. Such files can have a different value from 1 download up to 50 USD.

All download paid files displayed on the My Downloads page

Premium :

That gives a Premium?

No advertising
Download speed without any restrictions
Up to 8-parallel downloads
Resume after disconnection
Download without delay
And much more..

How to get Takefile Premium?

To get Premium it is necessary to choose the payment option which is most suitable for itself on the Premium page and to pay.

In our system there are many options of payment. It is payment by the cash card and a lot more alternative payment service providers.

What will be downloading speed if I get Premium?

Speed of downloading of the file with use of Premium averages 100 Mbit/sec., but only if your channel is capable of it.

I got Premium, but your system does not distinguish me. What not so?

Please, be convinced that you allowed use of cookies in your browser. Also make sure that you did not establish the software which blocks cookies. For example, some firewalls can do it.

I bought Premium Key from the reseller where I can activate it?

You can activate Premium Key on the page My Account.

If you have no account yet, you can be registered here.

How can I change my password?

To change the password you have to pass into My Account to enter the new password and to keep.

I forgot the password

For this purpose it is necessary to follow the link Forgot the password? and to enter the email.

Our system will send the reference to change of the password to your email.

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